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Radio Controlled Sailing at Lake Gregory 



The radio control model yacht fleet was established at the beginning of the Lake Gregory Yacht Club (LGYC), Crestline, CA. Starting in 2004 the fleet captain, Rick Dinon, chose the Nirvana RC sailboat as the boat to build a LGYC model yacht fleet around.


The following members have served as Fleet Captain:


2004 – Rick Dinon

2005 – Rick Dinon

2006 – Andy Easton

2007 – Andy Easton

2008 – Dennis Sharp

2009 – Dennis Sharp

2010 – Dennis Sharp

2011 – Stewert Bibby

2012 – Taylor Bibby

2013 – Walt Schwartz

2014 – Walt Schwartz

2015 – Marilynn Jordon

2016 – Carol  Sharp

2017 – Dawn Dixon

2018 – Dawn Dixon

2019 – Dawn Dixon

2020 – Rick Dinon

2021 – Rick Dinon & Tucker Strasser

2022 – Matthew Phillippe & Tucker Strasser

2023 – Henry Johnson & Tucker Strasser  (Insert ‘contact form’ button here)


In 2008 it became apparent that the mountain communities would benefit from establishing a Model Boat Area at Lake Gregory, Crestline, CA. The Lake Gregory Yacht Club put together a proposal to set up an area for Model Boating at Lake Gregory and presented the proposal to the San Bernardino Regional Parks Department.


After two meetings and many phone calls, the San Bernardino Regional Parks Department denied

the proposal on February 26, 2009. Coincidentally, it happened that a Crest Forest Municipal Advisory Council meeting was scheduled the very evening that the mail was received. Dennis Sharp, Fleet Captain,  made a presentation of the wants and needs of the mountain communities to the council and after more meetings and phone calls the San Bernardino Regional Parks Department on June 17 2009 put out a press release: The San Bernardino Regional Parks Department dedicated an area at Lake Gregory, CA for slow speed electric boats and remote-controlled sailboat use!


Since the area was established, the LGYC has used the area to facilitate regattas for the LGYC and mountain communities including the Boys and Girls Club. The area has been improved since county approval, including a ramp, two benches and trash cans and LGYC maintains a retrieval boat. The LGYC also maintains the racecourse buoys and assists in the aquatic weed abatement on Lake Gregory. 



Currently, Laser RCs, DragonFlight 95s (DF 95) and V-32s compete on scored season series and various regattas at Lake Gregory, CA. LGYC is on the annual Southern California Yachting Association’s “Midwinter” circuit” (May 2024 in Crestline, CA) and Lake Gregory sailors travel to events in southern California including: The V-32 annual National Regatta at Silvergate Yacht Club, San Diego, CA; Helmsmen Model Yacht Club of Long Beach, CA and Orange County Model Sailing Club, Irvine, CA as well as the San Diego Argonauts, Mission Bay (San Diego), CA. Additionally, a group of Soling 1 Meter and DF95 skippers from Lake Gregory travel on Tuesdays (year round) to sail at Lake Harveston, Temecula, CA.

Visiting skippers are always welcome to sail on our beautiful lake. Check out our 2024 Calendar by clicking this button


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Please note: It’s not just ‘radio controlled’ sailing at LGYC. Members also sails “crewed” boats during the season. CLICK HERE to see the complete Lake Gregory Fleet Roster FLEET ROSTER.PDF link here.


Lake Gregory Yacht club is a proud member of the American Model Yachting Association (AMYA) and is listed as AMYA Club # 272 as well as US Sailing as organizational membership # 797154N.

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