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Lake Gregory Yacht Club (LGYC) was formed in 2004 by a group of Marina del Rey
friends and Co-Founders: Rick &; Marlyn Dinon; David & Sherry Mindel; David & Joan
Phelps; Jim McDonald and Shelly Arons.

LGYC became official in 2005. By 2015, under Commodore Patty Schwartz’ leadership,
LGYC was accepted for membership in the Southern California Yachting Association
(SCYA), as Associate Members.

In its first year as a club, LGYC took turns holding meetings and socializing in members’
homes. By 2005, the club leased a property on Tyrol. In 2011, after outgrowing that
location, LGYC leased a large conference room that was part of the Crestline Storage
Facility in Dart Canyon. In 2015, four LGYC members joined capital and purchased a
commercial structure for the club to lease and eventually own.

Lake Gregory Yacht Club, located at 606 Forest Shade, is run entirely by its members at
the direction of the elected Bridge Officers. Becoming a member of LGYC means “you
are willing to become involved in club activities, contribute time and expertise and help
the club function and thrive“.

The club holds quarterly business meetings. Governance is through an elected Bridge,
made up of Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Treasurer and Secretary.
The Bridge appoints non-elected officers and various committee chairs. The Bridge is
elected annually by the voting members. Members interested in becoming Bridge Officer
are highly encouraged. Current and past Bridge members will be delighted to provide
information and guidance.

In addition to in-house social fun, LGYC’s on the water activities are expanding and
improving year to year. The club offers an array of on the water activities that include
Sabot, Lido and Laser sailing, as well as RC (radio controlled) boats, catamaran dinghies,
sailboards, kayaks, stand-up paddle boards and more. The club also has quite a few RV
owners, whose organized outings and activities are open to all.
To apply for membership in the Lake Gregory Yacht Club, please go to the More tab and click on the membership info section.


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